Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage!

Ashi-WHAT? Translated "Ashi"= foot, "atsu"= pressure. Simply put, Ashiatsu is a style of barefoot massage that the therapist uses overhead bars for balance while massaging with their feet. Not to get too confusing, but there are over 10 different styles of barefoot massage! Ashiatsu is sometimes referred to as Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, Oriental Bar Therapy (we're trying to do away with this one), or Myofascial Ashiatsu / FashiAshi (which is slightly different) , or simply Barefoot Massage.

Barefoot massage- so you mean you're going to massage my feet? No- instead I use my feet to massage you!

Barefoot massage is a luxurious and deep tissue massage that gets deeper into the muscles and fascia (the stuff that keeps your muscles together) without feeling bony or pokey from elbows and thumbs. Most people cannot tell the difference between feet and forearms other than the amount of pressure given.

The therapist's feet are cleaned between sessions, and maintained soft and manicured just like hands are to ensure comfort and cleanliness.

Barefoot massage is great for athletes, people with chronic neck or back pain, and for those areas that feel like hands on deep tissue isn't deep enough.

Because barefoot massage uses the therapist's body weight more than hands on pressure, you'll feel more relaxed and your muscles more elongated than a normal massage.

Although it's great for most people, it isn't for everyone. Those with smaller frame bodies, expecting mothers, those with heart conditions, and folks with recent surgeries are advised against receiving barefoot massage for their safety.

For your first barefoot massage you'll fill out a new intake form to create a safe treatment plan for you, and to ensure that barefoot massage is right for you.

Bexarfoot massage

Introducing a new line of essential oils!

Introducing [drum roll please] Simply Earth Natural Products! You can't find a better quality for the right price! Simply Earth is a small business on a mission- providing high quality oils at honest prices, while fighting human trafficking.

Essential oils from Simply Earth are GC/MS tested to ensure 100% purity with no fillers. (GC/MS is the "gold standard" scientific procedure to identify the presence of a particular substance).

And with proprietary blends, or single note oils, it is easy to fall in love with your new favorite natural scents.

13% of purchases from Simply Earth go to organizations that help end human trafficking- making a difference is something to feel good about! Each month they highlight and donate to a different organization. Why 13%? The average age of someone forced into trafficking is 13. Fighting human trafficking is something important to me because it is a modern day form of slavery, and Texas is among the worst in the nation.

Back to the oils! Compare Simply Earth to brands like doTerra and Young Living! If you have a favorite blend with them, chances are SE have a similar blend! For me, I fell in love with doTerra's inTune but couldn't quite justify paying $35-$45 for a bottle. I tried Simply Earth's roll on blend BO Be Gone and it hits the same Patcholi and Sandalwood notes that I love but only at $10!

Come on in and smell for yourself the Simply Earth difference. -And if you have a favorite blend with a competitor or need help picking out your new favorite natural scent, let me know so I can order it for you.


Race Report: Palo Duro Trail Run 50k 2018

It started when I was training for the Alamo City Ultra, my first 50k.  I often had running dreams, but mostly it was anxiety scenarios. I would bonk, forget my shoes, or trip on a rock and knee-jerk myself awake.  This time I saw my self among friends, in the Palo Duro Canyon.  I had visited PDC back in college, but it had been many years since my last visit. We were petting the longhorn cows near the entrance gate and I was talking about how excited I was about the race, another 50k, I had the next morning.  When I woke I realized that I had never heard of such a race, but it would be really epic if there were.  A quick google search with sleepy eyes revealed that there was such a race! Wow!! What a great marketing strategy! I've never heard of dream-advertisements before. In less than 2 weeks I signed up for the 50k. Follow your (literal) dreams! 

Race week: Thursday, 2 days to Race Day. 

Mike and I drove up to Amarillo to our AirBnB *cue George Strait's "Amarillo by Morning”* with Winnie, Lilly in tow and the car packed full of snacks and running clothes. It rained. the. whole. way. The entire state of Texas was under a fog cloud, flooded, and rainy. Great. I just hope I don't have to run in the cold AND the rain! 

Friday, Day Before the Race.

The sun finally came out in Amarillo from the unseasonable rainy weather. It finally looks like we'll have good race weather. After checking my emails (should have done that before we left the house!) we confirmed that the race was still on. Hopefully the one sunny day will dry out some mud. 

Packet pick up was in the canyon at Mack Dick Pavilion. We arrived to the canyon a bit early to sight see, walk around a bit, and let the girls sniff the wild canyon. We drove throughout the park but couldn't hike in due to the trails being closed thanks to all of the rain.  I just hoped that the mud wasn’t too bad! 

Saturday, race day. 

I woke up at 4am to get my coffee in, eat a nutella banana sandwich before we headed over to the canyon for the 7am start. I checked the weather on my phone, no precipitation expected, but a crisp 40 degrees, and a high of 67. Peeerrrfect race weather!!  We arrived to the pavilion a bit early, got a parking spot and hit the restrooms (no lines!!) to ease my pre-race nerves. On my trip to the restroom  I noticed a few volunteers doing some last minute preparations to set up the start/finish line, and a sole bagpipe player playing a familiar military tune. "Just don't play Taps" I thought to myself.  When I returned to the start/finish line a bit later to drop off my drop bag, the bagpipe player started playing Taps. Grumble grumble. "I'm not done yet!!" I thought. I just hoped it wasn’t a sign of what was to come during the race.  6:30am the 50 milers started. WOW. I can't imagine running 50 miles just yet. That's one long day.

A few minutes before we lined up for our 50k start I shed my jacket and long pants. I kept my gloves and one heated hand warmer, and a thin neck gaiter.  Its gotta warm up sometime soon.  7am sharp we were off into the complete darkness with the glow of a waxing moon. The stars were absolutely beautiful, had I taken the time to look up every once in a while.  The glow from my front bicycle light (My opinion, better than a headlamp) and the reflection from the shoes of the guy in front of me was the only thing i could see. Up down Up down Up down, dodge a rock, dodge a mud puddle, Up down, Up down until daylight. At dawn about mile 3 we were on the opposite side of the canyon from where we started. The soft glow of the pavilion was about all you could make out. About a mile later we came up to the first aid station where I shed my gloves, ditched my hand warmer, and took off my neck gaiter. I’m glad it warmed up a bit, although my back and legs were still cold. Oh well, it should warm up. Continue the agony of running a BMX trail, Up down Up down Up down, finally we got to some awesome switchbacks, but still the annoying baby hills persisted. It wasn't until maybe about mile 8 or 9 that it finally smoothed out. The cold had taken my legs and back to a pain level 7 out of 10. Yuck. Just keep moving. It'll warm up. About mile 10 I looked down at my watch. Never. Under any circumstances look down at your watch. I felt like i wasn’t moving forward. The pain in my back and my legs had risen to 9/10.  I don’t remember hurting this much last race, and its still early! I knew the cold was to blame, it hadn’t been cold in SA much lately. The next aid station I stopped so I could take some BC powder that I had in my pack (not sponsored just yet!). Ok, time to mentally push out the pain, medicine is on its way!  Just keep moving forward. 

Mike met me at the second to the last aid station. It was such a blur from my state of mind but just his presence lifted my spirits. I told him i wasn’t feeling the greatest and my back was bothering me. I got too distracted by refueling I forgot to say I was thinking about quitting. 

 A quick kiss and I was off.  

When I got back to the start/finish line I headed over to my drop bag for my second nutella and banana sandwich, and a quick change of clothes. I hurried before the thoughts of staying could creep up. One final loop to go.

Aid stations came and went, but I was mostly by myself. I saw a few mountain bikers whom we were equally impressed with each other's choice of activity.  My knees finally warmed up but my back stayed horribly tense and cold. I couldn’t remember the last time my back felt that bad, and for sure I had never ran with my back in this much pain.  I kept telling myself to not think of it, and to run lightly. Run on your toes, "the more your foot is on the ground, the slower you go" I remembered from somewhere.  I gave in to listen to music somewhere around mile 21. I couldn’t bear to think I still had 10 miles to go.  "Just Around the Riverbend" came on (yes, Disney's Pocahontas) right when I was trudging through the mud of a semi-dried river bank. Perfect timing. Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was just run? Ok, now go.  

Two miles to go and I'm getting emotional both from the pain and from the perseverance that I actually gutted it out today.  I ran into Mike again and I damn near started to ugly cry. Just hold it together for a bit!  He encouraged me, and I zipped off (not really, more like trudge).  Up hill one last time and I'm in the finish line chute. I could no longer hold back the tears, and I could tell the folks waiting for their respective runners were wondering why I was bawling like an idiot. Super. Big. Ugly. Proud. Tears. Straight into Mike's arms I sobbed of achievement. One of the volunteers congratulated me and pointed me to a white tent to get my finisher's jacket. The most beautiful article of clothing that I am so proud to wear and never take off! Today was the single most mental toughness check to date. 

Pain is a sign or a symptom, for me it was a symptom of my arthritis I live with. Normally I wouldn’t advise any athlete to continue with pain, but only you know your body best. It wasn’t an injury pain and I didn’t put myself into danger by causing further damage or injury. I do know that next time its cold I'll keep my jacket on, and I'll keep up with regular massage and practicing yoga for prevention ( I slacked the month leading into the race). Until the next race! Who's going to be joining me?! 

P.S. If you're thinking about joining a group, San Antonio Running Company is a great place to start. They have all your running needs as well as training groups for road and trail races. Find more info on them at

So What is Rocktape Anyway?

So what is Rocktape, anyway? It is a brand of kinesiology tape that is made of 97% cotton and 3% nylon. the adhesive is hypo-allergenic and contains no latex. The cotton allows for the tape and skin to breathe, and the nylon allows for the tape to be stretched so that the muscle or joint that is taped can have a full range of motion. In my personal experience with other brands, Rocktape's adhesive is the best and allows for about 5-7 days of continuous use through various workouts and normal showering. 

Kinesiology Tape works by microscopically lifting the skin and layers underneath. This distributes physical stress, allows for more blood flow to the area, all while providing support and allowing movement to the area. Scientific studies are kinda here and there about kinesiology tape since its inception in 1979. There is also the recent lawsuit against KT Tape brand for falsely advertising that the tape is able to prevent injuries and provides pain relief.  A study published in  Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy showed that kinesiology tape does not reduce pain intensity, but does increase a pain free (or less pain) range of motion for subjects with shoulder pain.  Another study in 2016 concluded that k tape is effective as complimentary to physical therapy in injury recovery and management, but is not a substitute for therapy or exercise. (I think we could have figured that one out by ourselves!) 

In my personal anecdotal experience, it has been an invaluable tool in my active life. It has helped me with working long days on clients, as well as helping me with better ROM when I am dealing with my chronic lower back pain. In my certification training with Rocktape, the instructor showed me how tape could help a client get deeper into a squat and reduce fatigue for runners on their long runs. Studies that I have found are inconclusive about reducing fatigue, some say yes short term, and others say more research is needed.  This is somewhat difficult to study as pain and fatigue is very subjective due to different tolerances and lifestyle variables that may not be accounted for in these studies. 


Personally I see nothing wrong with kinesiology tape and since anecdotally it has helped me and my clients and there are little to no adverse problems with it  (I've only heard of  minor skin irritation), I say let's use it! I'm pretty good about whiffing out BS fads and I would never sell or promote anything that I haven't tried or I've found that doesn't work. 

[Original size] RockTape is made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic, acrylic-based and contains no latex.jpg

Should I get a massage if I'm sick?

Being sick is not fun anytime. Although it might seem like a great idea to get your body aches massaged out because you're coughing and sneezing your innards out, it could cause more harm than good. 

First, your body is trying to get rid of something that is making it ill. While you present symptoms, and even after you start feeling better you still may be contagious. It is so important to stay home during this time so that you do not get others (including your massage therapist and front desk staff) sick. Sharing is not caring in this instance! The CDC states that someone infected with the flu can spread to others up to 6 feet away. The flu virus is also able to stay on some surfaces up to 48 hours, so be sure to disinfect hard surfaces often, and wash your hands before eating or touching your face.

Secondly your body is working double time to fight off the contagion. Regardless if you're sick due to the flu, a cold, or sinus infection, your body needs rest and hydration. Please seek medical care to get necessary and proper medicines. Flu season this year is no joke. Untreated illnesses can lead to bigger and worse problems leading to a need for serious medical attention. 

In addition, massage therapy generally increases circulation which may actually make you feel worse. Kinda like when you exercise while sick. While there is very little scientific research on the effects of massage during illness, the consensus is that it may actually increase symptoms instead of helping get rid of them. With the increase of blood circulation, there is also an increase in lymph movement. the lymphatic system plays an important part in the immune system. the lymphatic system is responsible for making and carrying white blood cells which help fight off illness and infections. This is how it is to believed that massage can boost the immune system. However, if you're sick in the first place, rest is best.

Besides, lying face down in a face cradle while you're already congested is torture. Get better soon, and then schedule your appointment. 

Cold, Flu, or Allergies_.jpg