Massage for Athletes

As an athlete you know that consistent workouts working at your best is how you get better. To perform optimally, you don’t want to just to do your greatest at your race or meet. You want to perform your best at every workout.

Massage therapy is great for active bodies because it helps you stay in motion. It decreases pain from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from hard workouts which in turn aids in faster recovery. Regular and consistent massage will keep injuries at bay by constantly working out any tension areas that build up that you can’t reach or stretch out on your own. It helps increase your range of motion so that you can lift stronger, run faster, swim longer, and cycle further with less pain.

Just how we eat better when we’re in training, the same goes for maintaining your body. Consistent efforts heed consistent results.

Ahhh, but I know what you’re going to say, you’re busy with training and can’t schedule a massage. -.-  Rest days are also an important part of training as your body needs to recover and rebuild those muscles you worked so hard to make. You don’t need to live with the pain that comes along with building those muscles.

Need help scheduling in your massage? Pick a day out of the month or week and commit to it. That is now your YOU time to recover and relax. Commit to it just like you commit to your workouts and you’re set.