Introducing a new line of essential oils!

Introducing [drum roll please] Simply Earth Natural Products! You can't find a better quality for the right price! Simply Earth is a small business on a mission- providing high quality oils at honest prices, while fighting human trafficking.

Essential oils from Simply Earth are GC/MS tested to ensure 100% purity with no fillers. (GC/MS is the "gold standard" scientific procedure to identify the presence of a particular substance).

And with proprietary blends, or single note oils, it is easy to fall in love with your new favorite natural scents.

13% of purchases from Simply Earth go to organizations that help end human trafficking- making a difference is something to feel good about! Each month they highlight and donate to a different organization. Why 13%? The average age of someone forced into trafficking is 13. Fighting human trafficking is something important to me because it is a modern day form of slavery, and Texas is among the worst in the nation.

Back to the oils! Compare Simply Earth to brands like doTerra and Young Living! If you have a favorite blend with them, chances are SE have a similar blend! For me, I fell in love with doTerra's inTune but couldn't quite justify paying $35-$45 for a bottle. I tried Simply Earth's roll on blend BO Be Gone and it hits the same Patcholi and Sandalwood notes that I love but only at $10!

Come on in and smell for yourself the Simply Earth difference. -And if you have a favorite blend with a competitor or need help picking out your new favorite natural scent, let me know so I can order it for you.